The Outtakes!

Our hedgehogs have kept us amused over the last couple of years.

Here are some of their best outtakes!  🙂


Hoglet & Hibernation

Here is a selection of videos of our hoglet.

Although he’s still visiting and we’re still desperately trying to feed him up, the adult hedgehogs appear to have decided that now it’s time to settle down for hibernation.

Hopefully our hoglet will put on enough weight to survive the winter and then, when he or she reappears in the spring of 2018, they’ll be ready for adulthood  🙂

Hello Hoglet!

I’m really pleased that after nearly 2 years of blogging the hedgehogs we have finally captured our first hoglet on film! 😀
In fact, he’s now a regular visitor to the feeding area so we’re really hoping that he manages to feed himself up quickly enough to survive the winter.
We’ll certainly give him every chance and hopefully I’ll be posting more footage of him in the near future.
I’ve deliberately included the adult hedgehog in the video so that you, the hog-blog viewer, can see the difference in size between them both.
One thing is for sure, his body needs to grow into those long legs of his! 🙂